Tips for Booking an Overwater Bungalow

If you’re thinking of a holiday staying in an overwater room, we’ve got the top tips to make sure you get the most out of the experience.

1. Best deals. The luxury of an overwater bungalow usually comes at a price, so consider going during the off-season and look out for stay/pay deals. Alternatively, you can split your stay between a beach villa and an overwater villa.

2. Which one? If you’re swimming back to your bungalow, you’ll find they all look the same from the water! Hang a brightly coloured shirt or towel on your deck so you make sure you climb back into the right one.

3. Features. Select a bungalow that has the following features: Glass floor panel, stairs directly into the water, and if possible a water hammock.

4. Sunrise or Sunset? Decide if you are willing to spend extra for a sunset view room. Sunrise rooms are cheaper, but watching the sun dip into the ocean from your own deck is magical.

5. Meal plans/All Inclusive. Most Australians prefer to know exactly how much they are going to pay. So we recommend always taking a meal plan at an overwater resort if it is offered. The hotel drinks and food can often be extremely expensive, so if you’ve prepaid for a meal and drink plan, there’s no surprises.

6. Butlers. Check if your room includes a personal butler, and what services they provide. Often overwater rooms include this service. Make sure you make contact before you arrive and get your butler to prepare you an itinerary for your stay including restaurant bookings.

7. Bungalow location. The quietest villas are usually the farthest from the beach, however it can be a long trek back to the room. So check if you get provided a bicycle or a golf buggy shuttle service.

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