Italy Handy Hints

Italy is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. We’ve put together a few handy hints for when you travel to the home of pizza, pasta and gelato.

1. ATMs are often empty on the weekend, so get your cash early.

2. Transport strikes of all kinds are a regular occurrence. Buses, trains, taxis. Always have an alternative in mind.

3. Get used to eating late. The earliest you’ll find a restaurant open for dinner is 7pm.

4. Don’t try making special requests when you order in a restaurant. What’s on the menu is what you get.

5. Most restaurants have a ‘cover charge’. It’s usually written on the bottom of the menu. Check this so you aren’t surprised when you get the bill.

6. Always remember to validate your train ticket before you get on, or you may get hit with a fine.

7. Pre-book tickets to major attractions before you leave, and spend extra on getting ‘skip the line’ or VIP passes. Don’t waste your holiday waiting in queues for hours at a time.

8. Don’t let anyone help you put your luggage on or off the train. They will be gypsies and they aren’t always the most honest members of society.

9. Always carry some cash. Lots of smaller establishments don’t take cards.

10. Unfortunately pick-pockets are common. Separate your money and cards (don’t have everything together in one pocket for example), carry a copy of your passport with you and keep the original in the hotel safe, and don’t sign any petitions – it’s usually a scam to get your email address.

11. Most importantly, order the house wine – it’s cheap and usually good!

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